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Project History

2000 – Following a 1999 Environmental Impact Statement, the United States (U.S.) Department of the Navy (Navy) created a homeport at Naval Air Station North Island for two additional aircraft carriers, bringing the total number of carriers in San Diego to three.

2009 – Following a 2008 Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, the Navy evaluated infrastructure improvements and traffic management measures at Naval Air Station North Island to minimize and mitigate cumulative effects when three carriers are in port.

2023 – The Navy is proposing a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to address current mission objectives, routine pier-side maintenance activities and proposed electrical shoreside power infrastructure. This may result in three aircraft carriers being in port at the same time at Naval Air Station North Island for more intermittent, nonconsecutive days per year than analyzed in previous National Environmental Policy Act documents.

The completed documents related to the 1999 Environmental Impact Statement and the 2008 Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement are available for review in the Historical Documents section of this website.