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Range Management / Operational Range Clearance (ORC)

The sustainable management of the Navy’s land-based operational ranges requires safe, effective, and efficient stewardship of these training resources, which are vital to building and maintaining the combat readiness of our Armed Forces.

Operational range clearance involves clearing the ground surface of ordnance, inert ordnance debris, training projectile ammunition, and other range debris, and recycling and/or disposing of such material. This type of clearance activity significantly contributes to readiness sustainment by increasing the long-term availability of Navy ranges.

Ordnance scrap and target debris are processed and released to the public only after being formally documented as safe and free of explosives and other hazards to human health and the environment.

The Navy incorporates environmental compliance and natural and cultural resource requirements into all operational range clearance programs.

For more information about the Navy operational range sustainment, please check out the below video:

Video by Courtesy
Operational Range Sustainment
Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command
May 21, 2019 | 6:23
190521-N-N0701-0001 NORFOLK (May 21, 2019) U.S. Fleet Forces Command-sponsored video production that highlights the importance of maintaining operational ranges to conduct essential testing and training for the military readiness of naval units, which are crucial to national defense. Management of military ranges in a sustainable manner is imperative to address influences which may constrain testing and training activities, and ensure the long-term viability of these resources while protecting human health and the environment. The “Stewards of the Sea: Defending Freedom, Protecting the Environment” outreach program is designed to showcase the Navy’s efforts to monitor and mitigate the potential environmental effects of activities without jeopardizing the safety of our Sailors or impacting military readiness. Copyright disclaimer: (c) 2019 United States Government as represented by the Secretary of the Navy. All rights reserved. Portions of the audio and video of this Production are subject to copyrights owned or administrated by other entities, including Pond5, Firstcom Music, Google or others; and copying of such portions independently of this Production is prohibited without the permission of the owner or administrator of that copyright. (U.S. Navy video)