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Military Readiness

At-Sea Training

  • Is required by law for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to be ready at all times to defend the United States by conducting operations at sea.
  • Is essential to protecting and defending the United States, its territories, allies, and national interests.


This is an image of an F/A-18E Super Hornet launching from a flight deck.


  • Needed to research, develop, acquire, and evaluate weapons, systems, manned and unmanned aircraft, surface ships, submarines, unmanned underwater vehicles, and other specialized technologies.
  • Gives U.S. military services a technological advantage over potential adversaries.


This is an image a Sailor guiding an unmanned underwater vehicle into the ocean.

Training and Testing with Sonar and Explosives

Active Sonar

  • Most effective method of detecting, identifying, and tracking underwater threats, such as quiet submarines and in-water mines.
  • Sonar proficiency is complex and requires regular, hands-on training in realistic and diverse conditions.
  • Simulators cannot completely replace training and testing in a live environment.
  • Enables weapon systems, aircraft, and vessels to be tested in the way they would be used in a real-world situation.


This is an image of sonar technicians.


Explosives (Live Ordnance)

  • Prepares Service members to respond to emergencies and national security threats.
  • Significantly enhances safety of U.S. forces in combat.
  • Improves readiness and equipment reliability.


This is an image of a Navy vessel during an explosives training exercise.