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Stewie, the U.S. Navy's Environmental Mascot

Stewie, the U.S. Navy’s Environmental Mascot, is a green sea turtle.

Green sea turtles can live for 80 years or longer! Unfortunately, green sea turtles face a variety of threats, such as ingestion of marine debris, entanglement in fishing gear and habitat loss. Green sea turtles are protected under the Endangered Species Act and the Navy ensures the well-being of the species through various mitigation efforts and ongoing research.

Green Turtle Facts
Status: Endangered
Type: Reptile
Diet: Herbivore
Average Life Span: 80 years
Weight: Up to 350 lbs
Group Name: Bale

Did You Know?
Like other sea turtles, the green turtle cannot pull its head into its shell!


Watch as Stewie explains how naval ships use protective measures to safeguard marine life and sea turtles by posting trained lookouts and managing shipboard waste: