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In addition to operating ships at sea, the Navy has an extensive shore footprint with more than 70 installations spread across 10 regions around the world. This shore infrastructure is vital to the Navy’s mission and supports Sailors and ship deployments around the world. Major mission areas include home basing, homeporting, and sustainable range management.

In the process of determining the home basing and homeporting locations for Navy vessels and aircraft, careful consideration is given to factors such as mission necessity, readiness criteria, and potential environmental impacts. The Navy develops comprehensive planning documents to analyze environmental effects in accordance with federal laws, regulations, and Navy policy. Stakeholder engagement plays a crucial role in this process, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making that aligns with military mission and readiness objectives while addressing environmental concerns across various resource areas, including noise, air quality, environmental justice, and biological and cultural resources.

The Navy’s range complexes are designated land or water areas set aside, managed, and used for training and testing purposes to increase proficiency in advanced tactical skills prior to deployments. In addition to sustaining the highest level of readiness to meet mission requirements, the Navy operates its ranges in a responsible manner that is protective of the public and environment.

Environmental compliance and considerations are seamlessly integrated into the Navy’s ashore operations, underscoring its commitment to responsible stewardship.

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