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Navy Acoustic Effects Model (NAEMO)

As part of the Navy’s efforts to protect marine species, the Navy Acoustic Effects Model, or NAEMO, was created.

NAEMO is an advanced acoustic modeling and simulation tool that allows for estimation of potential impacts on protected and endangered marine mammals and sea turtles from underwater sound associated with Navy training and testing activities.

NAEMO works by creating a 3D virtual environment overlaying sound propagation data and distributions of virtual animals, or “animats,” at different depths representing known dive behaviors. NAEMO then computes the sound energy levels for all animats within the environment from simulated training and testing activities. These simulations are then repeated with variations in animat distribution, activity orientation and movement, and operation of systems.

By using NAEMO, the Navy is better able to analyze its impact on marine mammals and sea turtles from underwater sound. NAEMO also informs Navy mitigation efforts to help minimize impacts to marine species.