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The Notice of Intent to prepare a supplement to the September 2018 Final AFTT Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (OEIS) for continuation of Navy Atlantic Fleet training and testing activities is now available in the Federal Register. Read it and more about this project here. 

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Naval Forces Training and Testing in the AFTT Study Area

Naval Forces Training and Testing in the AFTT Study Area

Environmental Stewardship
Environmental Stewardship



Welcome to the United States (U.S.) Department of the Navy's Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing (AFTT) environmental planning website.

The AFTT website is an online resource for information concerning the potential environmental effects of training and testing (military readiness) activities that occur in, over, and on the western Atlantic Ocean along the East Coast of North America, the Gulf of Mexico, and portions of the Caribbean Sea.

The third (Phase III) comprehensive review of potential environmental effects of military readiness activities was published in September of 2018. The AFTT Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (OEIS) supported authorization by the National Marine Fisheries Service, as a cooperating agency, of incidental takes of marine mammals under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and incidental takes of threatened and endangered marine species under the Endangered Species Act.

It is anticipated that a supplemental National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis will begin in fall of 2023 to support renewal of current federal regulatory permits and authorizations that expire in November of 2025. 

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Video by Chief Petty Officer Lauren Howes
Stewards of the Sea
Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command
Oct. 2, 2023 | 5:32
Steward of the Sea