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Public Comments

The public comment period on the Draft EIS/OEIS began on June 30, 2017, and concluded on August 29, 2017. Responses to all public comments received during the comment period may be found in Appendix H (Public Comment Responses) of AFTT Final EIS/OEIS.

  • Private citizens were assigned a "Commenter ID" to prevent individuals’ names from being published in the Final EIS/OEIS or on this website.
  • Agencies, organizations, Native American tribes, and commercial businesses were also assigned a Commenter ID.

See Appendix H (Public Comment Responses) for details on how to determine your Commenter ID. Comment letters received via mail, during the public meetings, and the project website are provided below.


Federal Agencies

Title Size
US Army Corps of Engineers 65.62 KB
Department of the Interior 383.32 KB
Environmental Protection Agency 563.17 KB
Federal Aviation Administration 856.04 KB
Marine Mammal Commission 197.91 KB
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Office of Coastal Survey 15.18 KB


State Agencies

Title Size
Alabama Historical Commission 475.37 KB
Delaware Coastal Management Program 313.41 KB
Florida Division of Historical Resources and State Historic Preservation Officer 176.58 KB
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 225.81 KB
Georgia Department of Natural Resources 1.67 MB
Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Resources Division 658.51 KB
Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division 480.49 KB
Georgia Historic Preservation Office 92.11 KB
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources 192.67 KB
Maine Historic Preservation Commission 18.48 KB
Maryland Department of Natural Resources 229.20 KB
Maryland State Clearinghouse - July 13, 2017 235.87 KB
Maryland State Clearinghouse - August 23, 2017 172.13 KB
Mississippi Department of Archives and History; Historic Preservation Division 185.22 KB
Mississippi Department of Marine Resources 745.08 KB
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services 396.69 KB
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection 47.36 KB
New York Department of Environmental Conservation 331.99 KB
New York State Military and Naval Affairs 17.46 KB
North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality 661.23 KB
North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation 178.22 KB
North Carolina Military Affairs Commission 881.21 KB
North Carolina State Environmental Review Clearinghouse 49.29 KB
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission 103.75 KB
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control 104.39 KB
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources 488.30 KB
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality 32.22 KB
Texas Historical Commission 289.01 KB
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 161.00 KB
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality 713.59 KB
Virginia Department of Military Affairs 995.52 KB
Virginia Port Authority 157.73 KB


Government Agencies

Title Size
City of Cape Canaveral, Florida 416.82 KB
City of St. Marys, Georgia 100.43 KB
Representative Diane Urban - 43rd Assembly District of Connecticut 331.20 KB
Town of Barnstable, Hyannis, Massachusettes 252.62 KB
Town of Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina 46.99 KB
Town of South Kingston, Rhode Island 34.23 KB



Title Size
American Friends Service Committee, South East New England 128.39 KB
Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council 2.02 MB
Natural Resources Defense Council 773.82 KB
New England Fishery Management Council 460.45 KB
Save the Bay, Narragannsett Bay 718.55 KB


Commercial Business

Title Size
Seafreeze Ltd. 112.95 KB


Public Meetings

Title Size
Jacksonville - BYRRU 50.02 KB
Morehead City - ANONY5 42.47 KB
Norfolk - DEERO 59.48 KB
Providence - ANONY4 36.82 KB
Providence - DIAJO 1.29 MB
Providence - FRISU 72.75 KB
Providence - GERGR 67.61 KB
Providence - GOLDO 52.86 KB
Providence - LEPSH 1.55 MB
Providence - MAREU 118.42 KB


Private Individuals

Title Size
Private Individual Letter - DOWDA 412.47 KB


Website Comments

Title Size
Website Comments 134.15 KB