Fallon Range Training Complex History and Distinction

The Fallon Ranges have served as vital and irreplaceable assets for training naval aviation forces for 75 years. The ranges are used to train deploying air and ground units in a realistic environment and prepare them for overseas operations.
The Fallon Range Training Complex hosts training for aviation and ground military units necessary to ensure military readiness for the defense and security of the United States and its interests abroad.


The Fallon Ranges are used extensively by the Navy to conduct mission training in the areas of strike warfare, air combat, electronic warfare, and ground mobility, including live-fire training. The complex is the only location where an entire carrier air wing, consisting of more than 60 aircraft and associated support crews, can work together and train in a realistic environment. In fact, every Navy carrier air wing trains there prior to deployment.

The Fallon Ranges are an ideal training environment due to their location, land area, and military airspace. Their unique characteristics include suitable weather for year-round training and designated airspace for supersonic training.