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Fact Sheet | National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Timeline

Public involvement is a fundamental part of the development of the EIS/OEIS.


Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS/OEIS
  • Initiated the public involvement phase of the NEPA process
Scoping Period
  • Provides an early and open public process for identifying, defining, and prioritizing issues to be evaluated in the EIS/OEIS
  • Includes opportunities to learn more and submit comments
  • Presents the analysis of potential environmental impacts for each identified alternative
Draft EIS/OEIS Public Review and Comment Period
  • Provides 60 days for the public to comment on the analysis presented in the Draft EIS/OEIS
  • Includes public meetings and other opportunities to learn more and submit comments
  • Includes updates to the Draft EIS/OEIS and responses to public comments received during the Draft EIS/OEIS comment period
30-Day Wait Period
  • Provides 30 days after the Final EIS/OEIS is published before the Navy may take final action
Record of Decision
  • Follows the 30-day wait period and consideration of public comments
  • Includes selection of an alternative by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Energy, Installations, and Environment)


To download the graphic printable file from AFTT Phase III, please click the thumbnail below. 

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