Behavioral Response Study (BRS) Controlled Exposure Experiment
200724-N-N0701-0001 ATLANTIC OCEAN (July 24, 2020) An adult male Cuvier's beaked whale is tagged with a satellite-linked dive recording tag in the Virginia Capes operating area while a research team from Duke University and Southall Environmental Associates track two separate groups of beaked and pilot whales.The crew of guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67), under the guidance of personnel from U.S. Fleet Forces Command, participated in conducting a Controlled Exposure Experiment (CEE) as part of the Atlantic Behavioral Response Study (BRS). This Navy-funded research project captures the behavioral responses of tagged beaked and pilot whales to controlled exposure of mid-frequency active sonar. Photo taken under the authority of NOAA Research Permit No. 22156. (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of H.J. Foley, Duke University)