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Press Release | Nov. 24, 2021

Navy Releases Draft Environmental Assessment for ICEX

NORFOLK, Va.  –  

The Department of the Navy has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA)/Overseas Environmental Assessment (OEA) for Ice Exercises (ICEX) 2022 conducted in the Beaufort Sea 150 miles north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The Draft EA/OEA evaluates potential environmental effects of conducting ice exercises and research activity in the Arctic environment.

The Navy’s proposed action is to conduct submarine training and testing activities, which includes the establishment of a tracking range and temporary ice camp, and conduct research in an Arctic environment. The submarine and tracking range activities would be conducted biennially, but a temporary ice camp would be established annually.

The purpose of the Navy’s proposed action is to evaluate the employment and tactics of submarine operability in Arctic conditions.  The Navy’s proposed action would also evaluate emerging technologies and assess capabilities in the Arctic environment, and gather data on Arctic environmental conditions.

The results of the analysis indicate that, with the implementation of standard operating procedures and mitigation measures, neither of the two Action Alternatives analyzed in the Draft EA/OEA would significantly impact the natural and physical environments.

The Draft EA/OEA is available for review at The Navy invites public comments on the Draft Supplemental EA/OEA, which will help the Navy arrive at the best possible informed decision about the proposal. Comments may be submitted during the public comment period from November 24 through December 21, and be postmarked no later than December 21, 2021 to ensure consideration in the Final ICEX 2022 EA/OEA. Written comments may be mailed to:


Naval Undersea Warfare Center,

Division Newport

Attn: Emily Robinson, Code 1023

1176 Howell Street, Bldg. 679/Fl2

Newport, RI 02841