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Press Release | July 25, 2014

Navy to Analyze New Growler Alternatives

U.S. Fleet Forces Command

NORFOLK, Va.   –  

As has been recently reported, Congress is considering authorizing and appropriating funds so the U.S. Navy may procure EA-18G Growler aircraft. While it is unclear whether more Growlers will ultimately be procured, the Navy has decided to be proactive in analyzing the potential growth in the Growler inventory in order to ensure full transparency with the public and local community. Therefore, U.S. Fleet Forces Command has been directed to incorporate additional force structure alternatives for the Navy's electronic attack community at Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island into the ongoing Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Fleet Forces Command is currently evaluating how this potential change may affect the scope and timing of the ongoing EIS. Once this information is available, the Navy will provide it to the public.

The number of Growlers in the Navy inventory, and the number ultimately based at NAS Whidbey Island, will depend on how many, if any, are funded by Congress. The Navy is developing a variety of force structure alternatives, and these alternatives will be made public as part of the NEPA process.